Craft Brewery Craze: Seattle Edition

Greetings and good tidings fellow Seattle beer lovers! We are back and ready to showcase the best-kept secret brewery finds and local labels. This week we will be heading to BREWPUBLIK’s newest location Seattle, Washington to share some of our team’s favorite places to drink and procure beer you’ll love.

Georgetown Brewery: Nestled in Seattle’s historic district, Georgetown Brewery has been called the “wonder bread” of Seattle since it’s inception in 2002. Regarded as a craft beer staple in the Seattle community, Georgetown is the largest independent brewery complete with their own tasting room. That’s right, an entire section dedicated to tasting a variety of beer! There are 13 taps to choose from including their passion fruit infused Pretty In Pink Pale Ale to their citrusy Lucille IPA. And don’t forget to try their two best sellers Manny’s Pale Ale and the silky Bodhizafa IPA. Prefer carryout? Take home some of their free samples to enjoy!

Reuben’s Brews: Since opening in 2012, Reuben’s Brews has made major waves in the brewing community. Reuben’s has won multiple awards at events such as the Great American Beer Festival, the World Beer Cup, and was named Mid-Sized Brewery of 2015. Why the hype you ask? One word, Tap Room. Reubens signature 20-tap room rotates a variety of beer and is constantly changing to give you new brews to try. From traditional beers to newly crafted brews, you are sure to find the perfect beer for you.

Fremont Brewing: Since its opening in 2009, Fremont Brewing has committed itself to sourcing local, quality ingredients for their home-brewed organic artisan beers. Fremont is not only committed to quality beers but also sustainable lifestyles. Owner Matt Lincecum takes “Activism Through Beer” to heart. Fremont is committed to sustainable business practices socially, economically and of course, environmentally. While saving the environment is definitely a plus, sitting and sipping in their beer-garden is another whimsical feature. The brewery expanded its already-appealing little patio to take up the entirety of the parking lot out front. Make sure to check out the Lush IPA as it is, without a doubt, the crowd favorite. Filled with a hand-selected blend of malts, lush, lime, mango, and guava, Lush IPA is their specialty. Drink at Fremont and save the planet one beer at a time!

Stay tuned for our next edition of Craft Brewery Craze, featuring San Francisco!

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Craft Brewery Craze: Charlotte Edition

Some of the best-kept secrets in craft brews are local labels that can actually be found in your own city! We’ve decided to loop you in and provide the 411 on some of the best hidden gems in Charlotte, NC to kick off our Brewery Series…

  • Lenny Boy Brewing Company: Want more than a drink? Stop by the Lenny Boy Brewing Company where culture comes first and the beer is certified organic. Not only will you be surrounded by an endless selection of beverage selections ranging from Beer to Kombucha, but also weekly art shows, food trucks, fitness events and so much more. While you enjoy the experience, make sure to try Lenny Boy’s “Dat Pale American Pale Ale” (we dare you to try and say that 10 times fast!).
  • Legion Brewing: Whether you are shopping the high-end retail of Southpark or moseying down the eclectic streets of Plaza Midwood, you can’t help but notice the legion of love coming from our friends at Legion Brewing. If you’re not going for the fan favorite, Juicy Jay IPA, then check out these other go-to’s: the citrus filled Orange Chick Saison Farmhouse Ale and the feisty “Bite Me” American Amber Ale, all brewed in house.
  • Heist Brewery: Last but certainly not least, Heist has stolen the Queen City’s heart since its opening in 2012. Heist is officially Charlotte’s only Craft Brewpub. Starting small out of a 10HL German brewhouse, they have shown exceptional growth and have now added a 30 barrel production facility!  Heist focuses on small-batch beer ranging from traditional Hazy Belgian Table Beers and Saisons to IPA’s and Double IPA’s. You’ll also find some very solid Porters and Imperial Stouts. If you prefer to mix things up, there’s an extensive Craft Cocktail program with over 100 whiskeys, as well. Heist is the go-to brunch locale with wood-fired specialties and signature home brewed beers like their “Zeal of Approval” pineapple infused IPA.

No matter what hidden gem you choose to visit, continue to support small businesses and invest where you nest!

Providing the best beverages for the best businesses. Email to inquire about our delivery and event offering or to request a complimentary tasting at your office!

Who Says Trick-or-Treating is Just for Kids?

Skittles and Hershey bars are great and all, but we’ve got a new twist on Halloween that we think you’ll like just as much as the good ‘ole days of dressing up at Batman and walking around your neighborhood: An in-office spooky celebration complete with boozy adult trick-or-treating!

Because as autumn is ushered in, here at BREWPUBLIK we’ve gotten our hands on the freshest-hopped beers, delicious wines with a bit more body and some other seasonal flavored beverages that you are sure to fall all over.

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How to Spice Up Your Next Company Event

Social events with coworkers can be a great opportunity for team bonding and fun – not to mention a good excuse to get out from behind your cubicle. But we’ve all attended a few functions that have felt more like an obligation than an enjoyable occasion. So how do you throw a company event that everyone is actually excited to attend? We’ve got a few ideas to help spice up your next party.

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…Because Sometimes Cracking Open a Beer at a Monday Morning Meeting is Frowned Upon

Motivation comes in many forms – inspirational quotes, TED Talks, knowing that happy hour is just around the corner – and most often: in caffeine form. That’s why here at BREWPUBLIK, we always make sure the cold brew coffee is flowing in all of our hardworking, coffee-fueled client offices.

cold brew delivery

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Four Great Ways to Boost Employee Morale

It’s completely natural for employees (and entire teams) to get into a rut, as long hours and stressful work environments are often the norm in today’s corporate culture. Sometimes, employees just need a few words of encouragement – or sometimes they just need a day off. But rather than wait for the next funk to come around, why not take a proactive step to boost employee morale and avoid it all together? Here’s a few ideas how.

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Five Reasons to Appreciate Local Beer

At BREWPUBLIK, we’re always on the hunt to discover our latest favorite beer. Quite often, these favorites come from small, independent breweries – some that you may have never heard of before, but that you can bet have a great story behind them. Today’s beer scene just wouldn’t be the same without these awesome local breweries – and here’s a few reasons why we love them:

To Support Your Hometown

One of the most obvious benefits of buying local of course, that you are helping your hometown small businesses (or breweries in this case). We’ve never met a craft brewer that wasn’t head-over-heels passionate about their trade – so why not support these enthusiastic folks? Plus, many craft breweries often value sustainability, use alternative sources of energy and prioritize recycling and composting – in our book, that’s just called drinking for a good cause.

drink local beers

Because There’s Usually a Story Behind It

Whenever you drink a craft beer, you should always check out the label first, as many tell a story completely on their own. Craft brewers may even have their packaging designed by local artists and many labels don’t even highlight their own brewery logo at all. You’ll also find creative (and sometimes hilarious) names, especially for limited releases and seasonal beers. This is one instance where you can totally judge a book by its cover – or rather, a beer by its name.

drink local beers

To Stop Overpaying for Beer

The next time you go to place a beer order, keep an eye on the prices listed on the menu. When a ubiquitous domestic beer is listed for say, only $1 less than a local craft beer, you can be sure that you probably aren’t getting a very good deal. There are plenty of reasons that craft beers often come with premium pricing – greater distribution costs, higher-quality ingredients, a more hands-on production process…just to name a few. If a bar or restaurant is charging the same price for a big-name beer as they are for a craft beer, you might as well order that local IPA and get bit more bang for your buck.

To Think Drink Outside the Box

Beer should be appreciated, savored and enjoyed – and there’s just nothing like sipping a carefully formulated craft beer infused with an exotic flavor or unusual ingredient. Smaller breweries are extremely flexible and have the ability to try new (and sometimes funky) recipes and styles. You don’t have to be a full-fledged beer snob to appreciate the different options or seasonal varieties that a local brewer provides. Plus, something made closer to home is likely much fresher – meaning, it will taste the way that it was intended to.

drink local beers

To Help Learn What You Like

There’s no lack of options when it comes to beer – hoppy beers, sours, IPAs, porters, wheat beers – the list goes on. And within these sometimes-loose classifications comes an endless number of subcategories and regional variations. Local beer often offers a wider range of beer types and flavors so that you can zero-in on what you most enjoy (and maybe even more importantly, what you don’t like). Samplers and flights are also a great way to help you directly compare different types – and also a great way to taste funky beers that you may have been reluctant to purchase a full pour of.  At BREWPUBLIK, we whole-heartedly believe that no one should feel overwhelmed or confused when looking at a seemingly endless beer list – and everyone should have a favorite beer (…or four).

drink local beers




A Weekend of Fun and Productivity in Lake Tahoe

There’s just something about Lake Tahoe that provides the perfect balance of tranquility and excitement, which made it the perfect location for our 2018 BREWPUBLIK Team Retreat. The weekend was a perfect opportunity for the entire BREWPUBLIK team to come together, allow a few new members to finally meet those that work on the opposite coast – and of course to have some good old quality bonding time!

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