BREWPUBLIK Now Delivering To Google Play

We officially signed Google Play, a digital distribution platform operated by Google, for curated craft beer delivery to their office.

“Everyone is familiar with the intense focus on employee culture that Google has and it’s an honor to be a part of that by providing an amazing beer experience worthy of such a great company. But the exciting thing is that great offices aren’t limited to Google. We’re lucky to be providing one of everybody’s favorite perks to companies not just in Silicon Valley, but all over the country,” says Charlie Mulligan Co-founder/CEO of BREWPUBLIK.

Being a member of Batch 16 at 500 Startups, the global accelerator program based in San Francisco, has opened numerous doors for the company within the B2B market. In addition to San Francisco, BREWPUBLIK is also fully operational in Charlotte, NC; Raleigh, NC; and Charleston, SC. Joining Google Play in California are Intercom, Runway Coworking, Boost Media, NerdWallet, and the latest Twilio.

On the east coast, innovative companies such as NetSertive, WedPics, and Shoeboxed in Raleigh and Skookum, Citco, and ai Design Group in Charlotte, are among the many enterprises currently enjoying craft beer delivered to their office. Charleston, our newest market which opened April 25 at the Dig South Conference, is attracting a growing number of forward thinking companies throughout this technology hub in South Carolina.

A growing trend in the corporate market, craft beer is more commonly being included as an employee perk. According to our clients Perkins + Will, Union, and Web Full Circle, craft beer brings employees together to brainstorm and connect in way that produces collaborative, innovative ideas.

“[BREWPUBLIK] is a fun element! It helps support our culture for being fun and creative, and keeps things interesting.” says Union, digital agency in Charlotte, NC, “It’s nice and easy too; you guys get it to us and it’s here every week with something different for us to try. So, it’s the convenience too. It definitely helps the culture to have huddles and celebrate accomplishments over beer.” 

It is not uncommon for a company to provide free food to employees, but as the workday in many tech and media companies stretches past the typical closing time, more are seen stocking beer fridges or installing kegerators for a rotating selection of IPAs, ciders, pilsners, and more. As more millennials are entering the professional workforce, the lines of work and social lives continue to blur and the need for more experience driven workplace perks, like a stocked craft beer fridge or featured kegs, continues to increase.

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