What We’re Sippin’ – July 2016

We wanted to focus on an amazing perk of being a BREWPUBLIK member – our ability to bring beers not normally distributed in a certain market, to that market. These are all charlotte beers which we can get to those of you in other markets.

NODA BREWING CAVU: Refreshing, light, canned – perfect for the summer heat. This Charlotte-local golden ale starts with immediate hints of tropical flavors from the great West Coast Hops, but is a bit stronger than your average blonde ale. Want it in Raleigh? Just ask!

UNKNOWN BREWING PRE-GAME: Though a simple beer, it brings a lot of action to your palate. While it is low in bitterness, you can tastes the hoppy hints through within the golden suds of this great beer.

UNKNOWN BREWING SCRATCH AND SNIFF: This premium IPA packs in seven different hops, each chosen to create the best flavor possible. It won’t be around forever, so we highly recommend getting it while you can!

D9 BREWING HAKUNA MATATA: This Tropical IPA has it all. Loaded with a perfect balance or tropical flavors and hoppy aroma, it will keep you coming back for more. D9 made a killer IPA with this brew.

TRIPLE C BABY MAKER: Here’s a Double IPA that will blow your mind. It’s smooth. It’s bitter. It’s hoppy. It’s 8.5% ABV. It’s boozey. It’s Baby Maker. We honestly can’t say anything more. You just have to try it.

D9 BREWING VIKING FRAOCH SCOTTISH SOUR: This sour lives up to its name on every level. It’s ready to plunder your palate in the best way possible. This ale has enough sourness to make you pucker your face, yet it brings so much flavor with it you can’t help but enjoy it.

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