Cooking With Beer: Beer Chili

Make some beer chili with your dad this month.

So, you’ve got all these stouts and porters left over from your winter palette, right? It’s normal. The weather is getting warmer and the dark beers just aren’t as refreshing. We get it.

But, don’t let them go to waste. There will still be that random cool night because, well, weather in the South is weird. The next time the temperature does something funky, whip out those dark beers and cook up a batch of beer chili. The beer releases a bold flavor to make the dish a great hit!

This recipe is as simple as it gets. 

Start off by sautéing the onion and green pepper until lightly golden. (Pro-tip: Use the real stuff in this – butter. It’ll make the chili extra delectable.)

While those are sautéing, open all the cans of beans and rinse them. Then, throw them in a large crock-pot with the Rotel and diced tomatoes. Once the onion and green peppers are done sautéing, add them to the crockpot.

So, what about the meat? Definitely cook it on the stove-top before adding it to the crock-pot to really get those juices flowing. Once that is finished cooking, dump it in the crockpot. 

Now comes the fun part. Adding the beer! 

Evenly pour the beer over everything in the crockpot. Now mix that sucker up with the biggest spoon you can find. Once it’s mixed well, add the salt, pepper, and cumin for flavor. (Pro-tip: I did about three cranks from each shaker.)

Then mix everything up again and let it cook on high for eight (8) hours.

Once it’s been cooking for the whole day, you are ready to enjoy it. Add some sour cream, jalapeños, and some cheddar cheese for the best results.

Making a pan of cornbread is a must as well!

We hope you love this recipe as much as we do! Cheers!

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