Is Your Palate Changing?

The seasons are changing are so if your palate.

Imagine yourself sitting on a porch with a fire pit crackling before you. The sun has set and the weather is cool. There’s a crisp sense of autumn that comes with every breath. You pop the top off of a beer you’ve been dreaming about all day, anticipating the incoming flavors. You have your glass tilted and ready for that pro-pour. The delicious, smooth liquid pours into the glass making the best layer of foam you’ve ever laid eyes on. The head settles down keep the perfect measurement. Now for the first sip… wow! What a beer! It’s the best beer you’ve enjoyed all day.

Well, now that an awesome picture was painted, what style of beer were you drinking? Was it the same kind you were drinking a month or two ago? If it’s not, that’s a great situation to be in! It means your palate is changing things up on you, and you are transitioning out of one style of beer into a different style. This could be changing from Lagers → Belgians, Browns → Sours, IPAs→ Stouts, and literally any of the combinations out there. You could’ve been crushing some great Killer Kolsches this summer, but have recently been drinking some fantastic Ninja Porters (which we are stoked to be able to deliver to you!). The point is, you may be finding yourself digging on a new style vs. a style that you’ve been drinking all summer. Don’t be worried. It happens to a lot of us craft beer enthusiasts, and we love it!

All of these changes point back to your preferences and how they are varying in tastes. Sure there were some insanely popular (and delicious) summer beers, but now the dope ass fall beers are here for the season. Embrace this change! Try out a whole variety of new styles this season.

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