What We’re Sippin’ In November

We love telling you what we’re drinking each month, But we’re switching it up this month.

We’re changing it up to talk about the rare, limited release beers we were enjoying earlier this month and last! The thing is, you can’t find the brews like this in our normal deliveries. These beers, and other rare, limited release ones like them, are only found through our Buyer’s Club. What is Buyer’s Club? It’s an email list. We’ll send you emails with beer we’ll be getting and you respond if you want it. Simple!

Now, on to the beer…

Triclops – Boojum Brewing: Boojum? MoreTricereclops.jpeg like BooYUM! The brewers up there are doing it right. This Belgian Tripel style ale is one of a kind! This is a strong, golden ale marked with complex and distinctive hints of fruit. The spice characteristics produced by the Belgian Trappist style yeast bring bold flavors. This is a must have for your beer fridge!

Pumpkin Smash – Cascade Brewing: Sure, we just celebrated halloween, but there’s still room for some tricks, and this beer is certainly a treat! A true North Western style sour, you’ll need to try this beer ASAP! The geniuses at Cascade roasted 50 lbs of fresh pumpkin down to 6 lbs. After that they aged the beer in rum barrels with the roasted pumpkin mixing around inside. The hint of spiced rum mingles around the soft notes of roasted pumpkin, Both of these flavors combine to give you a pillow of delicious warmth for your palate to wrap around.

Maple Jesus – Evil Twin Brewing: Legend has it, that Canadian vikings used to pour a syrupy beer over their flapjacks every morning. Vikings, right? Badasses. Well, the brewmasters at Evil Twin brewed up the old recipe with some maple syrup. Maple syrup? Yeah, you read that right! This imperial stout is aged in Maple Syrup Bourbon Barrels. This beer is the real deal.

Metatropics-1.jpgMetatropics – Wicked Weed Brewing: It’s like the crew at Wicked Weed are wizards or something! Whatever they brew up is magic. Wow! This beer is amazing! A brettanomyces farmhouse ale fermented with pineapple, passionfruit, mango, and grapefruit to emulate tropical hop flavors, brewed in collaboration with Trois Dames (from Switzerland). As Guy Fieri would yell “BAM! This is the king of flavors!” All in all, this beer is so good!

Gose Gone Wild – Stillwater Artisanal: There’s no one sitting still down at Stillwater, they brew brew brew!  This is the new release is Gose Gone Wild World Tour! This is the Tijuana, a 4.5 percent ABV gose brewed with blackberries, hibiscus, lime, Mayan sea salt and smoked agave. After drinking this, you’ll be puckering up for the rest of the week. The flavors really come through in every sip which is great for making you savor every sip. Try it. Enjoy it. Drink more of it!

Drunken Vigils – Southern Pines Brewing: Drunken Vigils awakens the palate with a hint of porridge from oats and traditional floor malted grains. Caramel and roasted malts with Ecuadorian Cacao create rich notes of nougat and bitter dark chocolate. Locally roasted java from Cactus Creek Coffee completes an array of breakfast nostalgia. Bourbon and Monastery yeast compliment with decadent caramel and dark stone fruit flavors. Barrel staves also impart a warming whiskey character. All of this comes through in every sip! You won’t want to pass this one up.


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