Beer Battered Fish Tacos

Looking for a great recipe to spice up your Tuesday? Look no further. This recipe is for taco tuesdays.

Anything with tacos is a win for me, but when you mix beer into the picture, it takes it to next level awesome. For these fish tacos, we recommend using a good IPA or Pale Ale, like Asheville Brewing’s Fire Escape Jalapeño Pale Ale. Not only is it light enough to not drown the fish, it also adds great flavor to the tacos.

I also made a cream sauce to drizzle over download.jpegthe tacos. This is definitely optional, but it brings a great taste for the meal.

Start with the batter. Mix flour, salt and pepper in a bowl. Then, slowly whisk the beer into the flour. Set batter aside until ready.

Next up is the cream sauce. Combine the mayo and sour cream in a bowl. Separately, whisk together the lemon zest, lemon juice, and water. Mix in some salt and pepper for flavor. Pour this over the mayo/sour cream mixture, stir, and be ready for a tangy, delicious addition.

It’s frying time! Add in enough oil to cover the fish and bring it to about 350 degrees. Throw the fish pieces into a bowl of flour and, once evenly coated, dunk them into the batter. Put ‘em in the oil and fry ‘em up! They’ll turn golden brown when done.

IMG_5692-1.jpgWe suggest adding a little rice and some mango salsa to the mix to really give your taste buds a right. The sweetness of the mango, mixed with the spiciness of the Pale Ale is out of this world.

BOOM you’re ready to enjoy some delicious, homemade, beer battered fish tacos.

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