Gizmo Brew Works: Peppermint Stiletto Stout Cupcakes

In November, we provided our triangle customers a sweet treat courtesy of local brewers and local cupcakery smallcakes!

For the first cupcake, we teamed up with the team at SmallCakes and Gizmo Brew Works to create a peppermint mocha cupcake using Gizmo’s Peppermint Stiletto Stout, with a crushed candy canes topping.


Guys, we tried this cupcake and it was amazing. The peppermint stout on it’s own is fantastic, but add in a cupcake? Yes, please.

We highly recommend Gizmo Brew Works. The care that they put into brewing their fine line of brews is a great example of a company who thrives on hard work and determination. This determination has led them to brewing up some fantastic brews with revolutionary flavors. We have the interview below, so read on and get to know Gizmo.

BREWPUBLIK: What are you most excited about looking into the new year?

Gizmo: Looking towards 2017, we are most excited about our continued growth. We want to keep the momentum we acquired in 2016 into the New Year and make Gizmo a household name.

BREWPUBLIK: What is your favorite beer to drink and your favorite beer to make out of your lineup right now?

Gizmo: The beer we are most excited about right now is “Biplane” our Inventors Series beer for December.  It is a Tequila Wood-aged Imperial Gose. We added American and French Oak chips soaked in tequila. It is a different and unique beer for us that we are proud of. Besides that beer, we spend a lot of time with our Coffee Stiletto Stout and Peppermint Stiletto Stout during these cold winter months.

BREWPUBLIK: Where do you get your ideas for a new beer?

Gizmo: We get new ideas for beer from a lot of places. We love to experiment with different flavors, hops and ingredients to create a beer people may have never experienced before. We try other releases to get inspiration as well. There are tons of beers that we have not yet made, but look for them in 2017.

BREWPUBLIK: We love local connection and community involvement, which is something we know you love as well. How do you guys get involved and support the community.

Gizmo: We try to connect with the community by using local ingredients from local businesses for some of our beers. We give our spent grain to a local farmer to feed their livestock. We also partner with local charities and organizations to raise awareness for local groups and causes.

BREWPUBLIK: What is one last thing you want people to know about you, your beer or the brewery in general?

Gizmo: We are a hidden gem. Once you come here, you will be back. We have our own hop field that we grow our own hops. We have a beer garden with picnic tables and a stage for local bands and open mic night participants. We have local food trucks at the brewery throughout the week. It’s a destination for the whole family, not just a brewery.

Great stuff Gizmo! Your passion to stay local is inspiring. Not only does it promote hometown growth, but you’ve been able to use it to promote sustainability within the community. We can’t wait to see what’s next for you as a brewery, and also as a growing key factor in the state we love.

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