What We’re Sippin’ In December

There’s that Christmas song out there that talks about going from Tennessee all the way to Pennsylvania, we felt like we did that with the variety of beers we were sippin’ on. From IPAs to heavy stouts, the flavors were all over the place for us!

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This is a lineup of beer we really don’t want you to miss out on. So much so, that we put together a premium 6pk of these amazing rich, dark, chocolately, piney, smooth beers. Sound delish? Check out the package here

Hoppy Holidays – NoDa Brewing
This is the perfect beer to bring some cheer for your holidays. The crew at NODA created a delicious IPA that will have Santa knocking at your door! This can of goodness is dry hopped with both Simcoe and Chinook hops, and wait for it… Spruce tips! Gather ’round with friends and family to put a hop in the season for you!

Christmas Eve At A New York City Hotel Room – Evil Twin Brewing
That was a mouthful to say, but it was a delicious mouthful to drink! Strong hints of coffee poured through with each sip we took, as well a good bit of chocolate flavors. You may not be in New York, but you’ll want to be drinking this beer somewhere!

Cease and Desist – Brouwerij De Molen
Vanilla. That’s the first taste that came to our mind when sipping on this. This brew is extremely smooth out of the bottle, and brings a variety of flavors with it! One of those flavors is chocolate, which hints through every sip. This was a very cool beer to try, and delicious too for that matter!

Cold Mountain – Highland Brewing
Mhmmm! The Cold Mountain has got us. This beer is a true winter ale that changes a little bit every year. Like always, this year’s batch brought the holiday spirit to our palates. With every sip you’ll get a taste of delicious spices and hints of vanilla. We actually went up to highland for the release of this winter giant. Read more about the trip and the beer here!

Goodbye, Titan Daedalus – Big Boss Brewing
It’s like dessert for your dessert beer! This beer is one for history books. Great flavors all around. A smooth stout with bits of coconut flavors shining through each sip. Try this beer for the complete holiday enjoyment.

Mephistopheles’ Stout – Avery Brewing
Looking for a heavy, heavy hitter? This is your beer! Weighing in at a 15.4% ABV, this stout will teach you something about boozy characteristics. The flavors in it just as heavy, but they bring so much to the table. With hints of liquorice and a finish of rum, it’s a unique, yet delicious stout. Great to open and enjoy around a crackling fireplace.

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