Big Boss: Aces & Ates Cupcakes

As part of our Triangle customer appreciation month in November, the brilliant mind of SmallCakes and the amazing team at Big Boss Brewing brewed up a chocolate stout cupcake using Big Boss’ Aces & Ates Stout with coffee!



We were excited to see local companies that we care deeply about working together to make something delicious for the community we share. (Of course we had to “test” them first to make sure they were good to go for our beloved customers and the flavors knocked our socks off.

We love what Big Boss is brewing up and have loved seeing this company grow into one of the greats in NC. The passion they pour into brewing beer is something to be noted. They are a one of a kind crew over there, so we wanted you, the beer lovers, to get to know them better.

BREWPUBLIK: What’s your favorite memory of 2016?

Big Boss: Expanding the Strange Cargo series of barrel and wood-aged beers!  We’ve always had beers like this, but decided to give them their own look unique to themselves. Look for more from that series in 2017!

BREWPUBLIK: Where do you get your ideas from for a new beer? Is there a beer you have been dreaming of but have not made it yet?

strangecargo-1.jpgBig Boss: Our core line up is filled with classic beer styles from around the world, so when it comes to seasonal and one-off brews our brewers are inspired by anything and everything in life. Between our 20 bbl brew house and our 10 gallon pilot system there are not many beer styles we have not been able to approach. At least I can’t think of anything. Wait. Barleywine…

BREWPUBLIK: How is your beer connected with the community and what kind of positive impact do you create?

Big Boss: As a brewery that started in 2006 we hear this all the time: “Big Boss was my first craft beer.” It’s been amazing to watch beer culture blossom around us in North Carolina since those early days. In that way, Big Boss beers have been a part of introducing people to new styles and making a lasting connection.

BREWPUBLIK: What is one last thing you want people to know about you, your beer or the brewery in general?

small-brewery2.jpgBig Boss: There is so much people do not know about Big Boss Brewing company that I don’t know where to start! We are proudly available in North Carolina with a small amount of beer going to South Carolina. We have expanded our oak aging capacity, including two Italian made Foudres that are 100 bbls each. Big Boss produces and packages 25+ beers a year, not including one-off and pilot system beers. Best thing I can suggest is to visit us one weekend, meet the staff and spend some time in the 22 tap brewery taproom.

Hey Big Boss, keep up the great work! We love seeing the new stuff you are making, while keep the originals fresh as ever. You have made a great impact on the local craft beer community in NC, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds. Cheers!


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