Brueprint Brewing: Chocolate Cherry Stout Cupcakes

The final leg of our Triangle Customer Appreciation month from November ends with yet another great round of cupcakes made from SmallCakes!

They finished the month strong with a great addition from a special brewery called Brueprint Brewing. Together they made a Chocolate Cherry Stout Cupcake made from Brueprint’s Midnight Brue Stout.


The cupcake that was made was delicious (Yep! We tried it!). The flavors they combined mixed perfectly! The combination of chocolate cake and Midnight Brue was topped with a chocolate cherry buttercream and garnished with Valrhona chocolate shavings. You can say yum a few times, we did too!

Photo ew1.jpgBREWPUBLIK
: What do you see as your greatest accomplishment(s) of 2016?

Brueprint: Brueprint’s number one focus has always been to make the highest quality beer we can relative to our balanced and refreshing approach. We have always been cost conscious and wanted the beer to speak for itself. We wanted to manage our branding and associated costs closely so that we could provide quality at an efficient cost. In 2106, we focused our efforts to coordinate and communicate with the Town of Apex and local markets by writing our own articles and conducting our own promotions to efficiently brand our products in a way that would not affect the cost and certainly not the quality. This was one of our major goals of 2016 and it appears we have made great strides in communicating to the people of Apex that they have a great brewery right here in their own backyard!

BREWPUBLIK: What are you most excited about looking into the new year?

Brueprint: Reaching out to more of North Carolina in a multitude of ways!! We are currently finalizing an expansion from 2,000 BBLs per year capacity to 5,000 BBLs per year which is exciting in itself but most exciting we are looking forward to:

  • Releasing more small batch brues, one-offs, barrel aged brues and sours
  • Working more with the local restaurants and small businesses
  • Converting our anniversary party to an Apex wide celebration
  • Working with more charities relative to education and community well-being.
BREWPUBLIK: What is your favorite beer to drink and your favorite beer to make out of your lineup right now?

Brueprint: Our favorite beer is still free beer, but since that’s hard to come by we would have to say the barrel aged series. We are a constituent of former engineers, so to let go of predictable science and let nature take over is a little exhilarating for us! And yet the end result has produced some of our favorite brues to drink – notably the recent Woodford Reserve Barrel Aged Midnight Brue Stout!

BREWPUBLIK: Where do you get your ideas from for a new beer? Is there a beer you have been dreaming of but have not made it yet?

Brueprint: We try to make a well balanced menu of brues to go with our philosophy of well balanced and refreshing brues themselves and correlate the brues with life experiences (hence the sports themed seasonals). We also enjoy communicating internally and with our customer base, constantly thinking about avenues of creativity. We then collaborate these ideas and see if we can fit them into an end result that is balanced and refreshing for its style, so I guess the answer would be that the process is constantly dynamic. We have talked about a cranberry gose that has been on the back burner but may come up to the front soon. We have also hosted some name your own Brue fundraisers with local charities (Meg’s Smile) which allows us to work with the public to create new styles and make small batches for charity, constantly experimenting!

BREWPUBLIK: How is your beer connected with the community and what kind of positive impact do you create?

Brueprint: Aside from our charity work, we also alternate food trucks with local restaurant delivery to help promote the local restaurants. We typically feature a restaurant for the night and then subsidize orders to promote the community and provide food for the night. Additionally, we have raffle nights and Bruetiques to drive sales to local businesses that may not be directly affiliated with the food and beverage industry.

BREWPUBLIK: What is one last thing you want people to know about you, your beer or the brewery in general?

Brueprint: That we are about traditional social interaction based on music, sports, education and community – Plan for a Great Time….Grab a Brueprint!

Being in the craft beer business, we have built some amazing relationships with breweries. One of the relationships is with our friends at Brueprint Brewing! We have so much respect for this brewery, and where it comes from. We see a brewer who cares deeply for the beer he’s brewing, which is what brewing craft beer is all about! We applaud you Brueprint – Not only are your beers delicious, but the work put into making them is tremendous. We took some time to talk with the man behind it all, Eric, about some great stuff!

If you haven’t check out Brueprint Brewing yet, you have to put it at the top of your list! We love what they are doing over there, and can’t wait to see what the future brings to their way. Great job Brueprint! Here’s to the future lineup of amazing brues you’ll be brewing up! Cheers!

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