New Brewery In Raleigh Hiding In Plain Sight

As someone fairly new to the Raleigh area and a lover of beer, I wanted to see what the beer scene here had to offer. I know about, and enjoy, the more widely distributed breweries such as Trophy Brewing Co., Lynnwood Brewing Concern, and Raleigh Brewing Company. So I decided to branch out a little bit and find something unique. Boy did I find it.

Image uploaded from iOS-1.jpgI settled upon Brewery Bhavana, located near downtown Raleigh across from Moore Square. It is the very definition of unique. Brewery Bhavana is not just a brewery. It is also an excellent Dim Sum restaurant as well as a bookstore and flower shop! It opened in early April of 2017 and has quickly grown a steady crowd. Even as I sit here an hour before they close the restaurant portion of the establishment to prepare for dinner it is teeming with people.

It has an open concept floor plan which allows all of the aspects of Brewery Bhavana to mix and mingle with one another. This, with the combination of the large skylight in the middle of the building, allows for a very relaxing experience in what one would expect to be a very hectic environment given the services they offer.

Image uploaded from iOS (3)-3.jpgThe most difficult decision…let’s be honest…came when I looked over the drinks menu. Brewery Bhavana has ten core beers and, at the moment, ten provisional beers. I made the decision to stick to the core beers on this trip as I know they will stay in circulation. They offer a surprisingly large amount of Belgian style beers with five of their ten core beers being of that variety. Personally, I love Belgian beer so I was excited to have a break in the flood of IPAs that seems to be engulfing the nation currently.

So let’s begin.

Image uploaded from iOS (1)-3.jpgFirst up I had Grove. Grove is a “Sunny, Citrusy Double IPA” and I will have to agree with that. It has a faint citrus nose and starts off with a slightly bitter flavor that quickly melts away to notes of orange and peach leaving your palate wanting for more. Be careful though, it comes in at a hefty 8% ABV and can definitely sneak up on you. I would give it a 4/5. It has a good mouthfeel and won’t leave your palate shot due to all the hops.

Image uploaded from iOS (2)-4.jpgThe second, and last, beer that I had was Sprout. Sprout is a “Sneaky Fig Dubbel”. This beer has a sweet aroma that leads you to a crisp and dry finish. To me, the aftertaste is where the fig flavor lies. Before then, I mainly taste the maltyness you would expect from a normal Belgian Dubbel. All in all this is a very good beer and I would give it a 4.5/5. If you even remotely like figs I would recommend giving this beer a try.

Overall, I would without a doubt recommend Brewery Bhavana. It excels at combining its many facets into one cohesive experience that leaves you yearning for more. The next time you find yourself in downtown, check it out.

Cody the Coder

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