Sprinter Van In The Carolinas…

This week, I want to put a little focus on fulfillment in the Carolinas from one particular point of view—our delivery van. It’s easy to think of BREWPUBLIK as a beer and events company with awesome technology keeping us cutting edge. While that is certainly true, we at BREWPUBLIK on the East Coast rely on a dusty, old work horse to make almost all of our deliveries in two markets- Charlotte and Raleigh. That’s not to mention a few events in Charleston!

The Sprinter, as we call it, is a 2011 model-year utility van with 280,000 miles! Purchased in 2014 to help with our young company, the Sprinter has been with BREWPUBLIK for as long as our most tenured team members!
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Each week, we deliver kegs and cases of beer and wine to our clients in Charlotte. Even more impressive is the fact that this vehicle also helps out with our Raleigh deliveries by making a round-trip journey of over 350 miles! With scheduled stops at breweries and distributors, the Sprinter fills up quickly with the stuff our customers expect from us—great beer! Lots of our team members, including Brandon, Jed, Hunter, Josh, David, and me have come to love this vehicle, despite it showing its many, many years and miles of dedicated work.

With a little care, we hope to keep this vehicle running well past 300,000 miles. It has broken down on long trips, failed inspection, been soaked in beer, and lost a hubcap or two, but is still considered to be reliable transportation. That tells you how, more often than not, it is easy to count on to get the job done.

One thing that most of us don’t advertise is how much of the beer and wine we deliver wouldn’t get to our customers, or at least not as reliably, without this vehicle. And for that, our fulfillment team is grateful to have the Sprinter. So now that you know what we drive, if you see us on the road, be sure to wave at whoever is driving. I am sure they will wave back!


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