Five Must-Have Drinks for your Cinco de Mayo Fiesta

Cinco de Mayo is not Mexican independence day, but rather a celebration of a very low odds Mexican victory at Puebla, against the then mighty French army. The French army actually came to collect debt from the Mexican government and the Mexicans sent them off…woohoo!

Unfortunately, Cinco de Mayo in the United States can be a little basic (frozen margaritas and Coronitas, anyone?) But it doesn’t have to be this year! Here are some authentic Mexican beverages that will make you feel like you’re right there in Puebla celebrating with the locals.

Cinco de Mayo Drink Ideas

Agua Fresca. If you’ve been to any mexican restraurant, you may remember the big plastic jugs of Fresca, lightly sweetened fruit drinks that are ladled into a paper cup. It can be hot in Mexico, and a Agua Fresca really hits the spot as light and refreshing.

For a Cantaloupe Agua Fresca, puree real cantaloupe, and then mix in water, a dash of lime juice, a little bit of sugar if you want, and serve over ice.  That simple!

Sangrita. This is not sangria! Instead, it’s a shot of spice and acidity that goes perfectly with tequila.

Traditionally in Jalisco, sour pomegranate juice, orange juice and chili pepper.  Instead of sour pomegranate juice (where are you going to find that?), we recommend mixing some lime juice into the orange juice and then mixing in some really good grenadine (hint: BREWPUBLIK makes great grenadine).

Horchata. It may look a little weird along with your tacos, but you really can’t beat a cooling horchata to cut through the spice of your mexican spread.

Get the flavor of rice by blending dry rice with water and then letting it sit for a few hours. Then strain the rice, add milk, vanilla, cinnamon and sugar.

The Paloma. This tequila-based drink is making a comeback, and it makes perfect sense. Grapefruit, lime and reposado tequila is refreshing, easy to drink and has a little kick.

We like to pour straight over ice: tequila, lime juice and a pinch of salt. Then pour a Jarritos Grapefruit soda over top and stir!

Margarita. Okay, obviously this is the drink that is most associated with Mexico,  and was probably invented in Mexico (although we’re not really sure).

The key? Use real lime juice, a little Cointreau, some salt (not on the rim, but in the drink) and a well-balanced reposado tequila. Anejo is too rich and blanco too sharp.

And there you have it! Five great options to make your Cinco de Mayo tasty and muy autentico! The best part? You don’t have to make these drinks yourself – it’s what we do! Signature recipes, prepared and delivered by BREWPUBLIK. Your party, made easy.

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Cinco de Mayo Drink Ideas


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