When Was the Last Time You Did Something Creative?

Last week, our friends at Eden/OrgOrg & Poppin teamed up to put on a fantastic event – a night of beer, wine, food, community and calligraphy! They always host great events that offer awesome networking opportunities, so we knew this would be no different, especially when our friend Mary Best from Eden (the brains behind the whole operation) was added into the mix!

Joyce from Write Pretty Things led the class and was a total rockstar (and super patient with our group of rookies). BREWPUBLIK supplied the drinks, including a few of our favorite local beers and a variety of wines. The BREWPUBLIK team even jumped in on the action and tried to learn a bit of calligraphy themselves, too.

The event was held at the Poppin showroom in San Francisco, which has some of the sleekest, most eye-catching office furniture on the market. But what we love about Poppin even more is the emphasis that they place on their company culture. Their mission statement, “We believe that everyone, everywhere deserves to work happy” is something that all of us at BREWPUBLIK are totally on board with – after all, happy employees are productive employees, right?

We started the class by going around the room answering the prompt “When was the last time you did something creative?” which really allowed us to get to know one another. Calligraphy is definitely skill that takes time to master, so it was great to have formal instruction from a pro like Joyce. Some of us had to dig deep, but eventually our crafty sides started to come out. And believe it or not, after a drink or two, our hand-lettering skills got even better – it was like we found the fountain-pen-sweet-spot.

At the end of the night, it was clear that there were a few star calligraphers in the class, and a few of us that may want to think twice before pursuing a career in hand-lettering (cough, cough…our CEO Charlie). But artistic ability aside, it was an awesome opportunity for everyone to switch gears from left-brain to right, and rediscover the creativity that’s usually smothered by excel spreadsheets, reports and dozens (hundreds?) of emails.

Throw in a few awesome drinks along with great conversation among our industry peers, and it made for a fantastic evening of networking and fun. BREWPUBLIK would like to thank Eden/OrgOrg and Poppin for the opportunity to partner with them and pull off such a great event – here’s to keeping the creative juices flowing with more fun events like this in the future!

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