Five Reasons to Appreciate Local Beer

At BREWPUBLIK, we’re always on the hunt to discover our latest favorite beer. Quite often, these favorites come from small, independent breweries – some that you may have never heard of before, but that you can bet have a great story behind them. Today’s beer scene just wouldn’t be the same without these awesome local breweries – and here’s a few reasons why we love them:

To Support Your Hometown

One of the most obvious benefits of buying local of course, that you are helping your hometown small businesses (or breweries in this case). We’ve never met a craft brewer that wasn’t head-over-heels passionate about their trade – so why not support these enthusiastic folks? Plus, many craft breweries often value sustainability, use alternative sources of energy and prioritize recycling and composting – in our book, that’s just called drinking for a good cause.

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Because There’s Usually a Story Behind It

Whenever you drink a craft beer, you should always check out the label first, as many tell a story completely on their own. Craft brewers may even have their packaging designed by local artists and many labels don’t even highlight their own brewery logo at all. You’ll also find creative (and sometimes hilarious) names, especially for limited releases and seasonal beers. This is one instance where you can totally judge a book by its cover – or rather, a beer by its name.

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To Stop Overpaying for Beer

The next time you go to place a beer order, keep an eye on the prices listed on the menu. When a ubiquitous domestic beer is listed for say, only $1 less than a local craft beer, you can be sure that you probably aren’t getting a very good deal. There are plenty of reasons that craft beers often come with premium pricing – greater distribution costs, higher-quality ingredients, a more hands-on production process…just to name a few. If a bar or restaurant is charging the same price for a big-name beer as they are for a craft beer, you might as well order that local IPA and get bit more bang for your buck.

To Think Drink Outside the Box

Beer should be appreciated, savored and enjoyed – and there’s just nothing like sipping a carefully formulated craft beer infused with an exotic flavor or unusual ingredient. Smaller breweries are extremely flexible and have the ability to try new (and sometimes funky) recipes and styles. You don’t have to be a full-fledged beer snob to appreciate the different options or seasonal varieties that a local brewer provides. Plus, something made closer to home is likely much fresher – meaning, it will taste the way that it was intended to.

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To Help Learn What You Like

There’s no lack of options when it comes to beer – hoppy beers, sours, IPAs, porters, wheat beers – the list goes on. And within these sometimes-loose classifications comes an endless number of subcategories and regional variations. Local beer often offers a wider range of beer types and flavors so that you can zero-in on what you most enjoy (and maybe even more importantly, what you don’t like). Samplers and flights are also a great way to help you directly compare different types – and also a great way to taste funky beers that you may have been reluctant to purchase a full pour of.  At BREWPUBLIK, we whole-heartedly believe that no one should feel overwhelmed or confused when looking at a seemingly endless beer list – and everyone should have a favorite beer (…or four).

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Does Beer Go Bad?

It’s Friday afternoon and the first thing on your mind is running to your local grocery store, grabbing a frozen pizza and a 6-pack of your favorite brew. No judgement here. You get home, kick off the shoes and throw that frozen excuse for a pizza in the oven. Now that you have 15 minutes to kill, you grab one of those cold ones you just picked up and start the weekend.

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Märzen vs. Oktoberfest: What’s the Difference?

Now that fall has arrived, we’re starting to see a different variety of beer styles hitting the shelves. As the temperature drops, summer ales and Goses make way for more brown ales, dunkels and pumpkin ales, but what I look forward to most of all are märzens and oktoberfests. There seems to be a lot of confusion about the true difference between these two styles. The short answer: there is none. Style-wise, these two beers are one and the same. But if we dig deeper into the origin of these German brews, we find a much more interesting answer.

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A Look At The History Of Pumpkin Beer In America

Beer is typically brewed with water, malt, hops and yeast with little variance. At one point in American history, though, the need for an beer-like beverage out-weighed the interest in keeping with the German Purity law of hops, malt, water and yeast; if we can assume that the Reinheitsgebot was ever a English Value, which history (and beers like the Porter) tell us it was.

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Beer And Our Founding Fathers

Our amazing nation is about to celebrate its 240th birthday. Someone get the candles out because there is one massive birthday cake needed to ring in this holiday. Also, don’t forget the beer; it may be more important than the cake.

See, Americans have always loved a refreshing beer, but its relationship with our founders may be closer than you think. Here are some good ol’ facts about our Founding Fathers so you can drop some knowledge at your next cookout.

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