Team Member Spotlight Introduction

For those of you who follow us, read our content, use our services, and engage with what we do, you may find yourselves wondering about the individuals behind It all. Our “Who We Are” page, says it best. “We’re simple, really. Just people who came together to make it easier for you to get the alcohol you love.” Today, we will be introducing a new team member spotlight series in order to tell you more about the people who make what we do possible. So to kick it all off, I’m Katie, BREWPUBLIK’s summer intern, and this is our team member spotlight series, let’s start with telling you more about myself!

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Beer + Campfires: An Amazing Combo

Campfires. Bonfires. Fire-pits. These are easily on my Top 10 list of Greatest Things Ever. Why? Because they are so damn beautiful and great!

They mean the weather is cool enough to build one of these up. They mean the effort creating, and building something from scratch (if you can start a fire without lighter fluid, then you have what it takes to be a badass). Campfires, bonfires, fire-pits… they all mean friends and family are close by. They bring people together in ways that other places can never do. They give you the opportunity to huddle around the heat and taking part in great conversations.

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