Five Refreshing West Coast Beers to Stock Your Fridge with This Summer

Summertime is our favorite season here at BREWPUBLIK – outdoor parties, long days and no excuse to skip happy hour – what’s not to love? Okay, it can get a little hot – so crank up the air conditioning and crack open a few of our favorite summer beers (all from the west coast!) to help keep you cool and refreshed.

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When Was the Last Time You Did Something Creative?

Last week, our friends at Eden/OrgOrg & Poppin teamed up to put on a fantastic event – a night of beer, wine, food, community and calligraphy! They always host great events that offer awesome networking opportunities, so we knew this would be no different, especially when our friend Mary Best from Eden (the brains behind the whole operation) was added into the mix!

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Drinking for a Good Cause at the Bay Area Brew & FanFest

In case you didn’t make it out to the Bay Area Brew & FanFest on May 12th, we’re here to fill you in on what you missed (or you can check out the highlight reel here!). This was the first Facebook Festival of the season, benefitting local youth sports and mentoring programs in the Bay Area. This family-friendly event featured a farmer’s market, dozens of food trucks, face painting, an obstacle course – and there was even a battle of the bands, high school edition!


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A Night to Celebrate Our Favorite “Administrative Badasses”

Some of the hardest workers in the business–administrative and executive assistants–often don’t receive the appreciation or recognition they deserve. And let’s be honest – sometimes, they are the only people who ever know heads from tails of what’s going on within a company, right?

That’s why we were so thrilled to be a part of the OrgOrg Executive Assistant Appreciation Dinner on May 2nd at the Feastly Kitchen in San Francisco, with representatives from Yelp, Square, Slack and so many other incredible companies from the Bay Area.

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Five Ways to Celebrate National Wine Day

Grab your favorite wine drinking buddy and start making plans because May 25th is National Wine Day (a personal favorite holiday of ours here at BREWPUBLIK, of course)! We’ve put together a few ideas to help you celebrate this glorious day, arriving just in time for the long holiday weekend:

Try Something New

Take a break from your favorite go-to wine and spice things up with something you’ve never tried before – a totally new style, a new brand, or at least just a new dish to pair a glass with. Our palettes tend to change over the course of time, so it always worth giving that bone-dry Bordeaux that you swore off a few years ago a second chance. Who knows, you just might find a new favorite to fall in love with!

National Wine Day

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Five Must-Have Drinks for your Cinco de Mayo Fiesta

Cinco de Mayo is not Mexican independence day, but rather a celebration of a very low odds Mexican victory at Puebla, against the then mighty French army. The French army actually came to collect debt from the Mexican government and the Mexicans sent them off…woohoo!

Unfortunately, Cinco de Mayo in the United States can be a little basic (frozen margaritas and Coronitas, anyone?) But it doesn’t have to be this year! Here are some authentic Mexican beverages that will make you feel like you’re right there in Puebla celebrating with the locals.

Cinco de Mayo Drink Ideas

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Not Another Article about Cultural Appropriation

I’m definitely not an expert on Mexican culture or Mexican history- despite my at-times olive complexion and competent Spanish, I know much less about our southern neighbor than the (a lot less olive, more lobster) Jimmy Buffett. However, I have been fortunate to spend a decent amount of time in Mexico and loved it- especially when I lived like a local. Our company BREWPUBLIK handles Cinco de Mayo beer delivery, but genuinely cares about so much more re. the holiday.

As Jimmy’s buddy James Taylor sings, it is an enchanting experience, how life seems to slow down once you cross the Rio Grande. In my experience, this is true not only on the beachside resorts, but even in the much rougher and tumble outskirts of Juarez.

You see, even here in laid-back California, we go, all day. There a pleasure in the stillness that hot days, potholed roads and tequila cause in Mexico.

Every year, on Cinco (or “drink-o”) de Mayo, quite a few Americans lean into that feeling- with gusto, tiny multicolored sombreros, slushy margarita machines, Coronas and taco bars galore. It feels like the true beginning of summer. I’m just wondering if there’s a way to do it that more truly honors the Mexican culture, if only for a day.

This isn’t an article about cultural appropriation- there are plenty of other blogs for that, however I think there’s a way to have fun and celebrate the fifth of May without resorting to American-ized memes. So how do you celebrate with true Mexican flair?

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Sprinter Van In The Carolinas…

This week, I want to put a little focus on fulfillment in the Carolinas from one particular point of view—our delivery van. It’s easy to think of BREWPUBLIK as a beer and events company with awesome technology keeping us cutting edge. While that is certainly true, we at BREWPUBLIK on the East Coast rely on a dusty, old work horse to make almost all of our deliveries in two markets- Charlotte and Raleigh. That’s not to mention a few events in Charleston!

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